"SPADE" is first of all a story of synergy and responsiveness to better serve boaters.


In 1997, Alain Poiraud, a professional navigator, invented and created the anchor "Spade".

When he retired to Central America, he left the reins of his Society to his daughter and son-in-law.

Two years later, they returned to France to try new adventures.

Sea Tech & Fun decides to take over its assets, mainly the staff and know-how, but also the exclusive exploitation of Spade patents.

June 2007. Sea Tech & Fun creates its European platform in southern France, in the Arcs-sur-Argens region. This is the birth of Sea Tech & Fun Europe.

May 2008. Sea Tech & Fun Europe is moving to Tunisia to expand and better adapt its workspace.

November 2009. The demands of the navigators are growing, more pressing across the Atlantic. The company goes to the field and opens Sea Tech & Fun USA in Palm Bay, Florida.

With Spade, a new generation of marine anchors has entered the nautical market.

With the creation of Spade Design, and through its jewelry, Sea Tech & Fun Europe presents its line of jewelry on the theme of anchor.

Today’s anchor still represents the same symbol, this bond that unites us to our loved ones, to those we love.

It also symbolizes more than ever hope, stability or return to port and calm after difficult times.

Hence the birth of the "SPADE DESIGN" jewelry line, in line with our famous anchor known to all browsers.