Our history is as beautiful as a piece of jewelry

This may seem strange to you but it all started with an anchor. Yes, but Spade, a one-of-a-kind anchor designed by French sailor Alain Poiraud in 1997. Innovative, resistant, secure, easy to handle and respectful of seabed, this anchor encountered immediate success which has never failed. Praised by leisure boating and marine racing professionals, Spade anchor presents numerous benefits, widely acclaimed by the specialized press. Furthermore, in informed circles, the name “Spade” is associated to quality, performance and innovation.

In 2017, 20 years after the creation of this leading anchor, Danielle, Yves and Fabien who are Spade’s core team, attended Paris boat show. Some jewels were displayed amongst all the technical equipment to catch the attention of ladies visiting the exhibit… but only very few and all of them inspired by the traditional sea anchor. An idea emerged in their mind. Their anchor being frequently compared to a jewel. why not turn it into real jewelry? The idea took root. As an emblem, the anchor is a meaningful object: it connects and links two elements together: sea and earth, dream and reality, water and sand… Not only does it convey a bond but also freedom, the open ocean. Being fond of symbols as much as dreams and journeys, the team decided to bring this idea to life by launching the Spade Design Jewelry brand.

Fabien, Yves and Danielle jumped headfirst in this adventure and started looking for a designer to conceive nautical jewelry reflecting Spade, a collection inspired by the unusual curves of this unique and distinctly recognizable anchor. It is summer, seagulls play with waves, boaters anchor in creeks. Stéphanie Jankowski, jewelry designer, enters the scene. Since then, she is the one who imagines and designs each piece of the brand.

Autumn 2019, palm trees dance to the rhythm of the Mistral wind. Danielle, Yves and Fabien encourage Stéphanie to take part in a jewelry awards contest organized by BIJORHCA in partnership with WWF and Made In Creation. The contest theme is the protection of oceans. The project designed by Stéphanie, a stunning necklace showcasing magnificent fish leather and depicting fighting fish, wins the greatest prize: the public award.

Spade Design jewelry collections now frequently set sail to tradeshows, boutiques, concept stores and specialty shops in France and around the world. Moved by the brand’s unusual history and its unique designs, increasing numbers of fans wear and share the history of Spade Design jewelry. Jewelry handmade in small series.

January 2022, a new milestone is reached as Stéphanie joins the in-house Spade Design team.She is in charge of design and implements strong actions to develop the little brand she knows so well!

« I wanted to offer something different. »

— Danielle, founder of the brand

« Stéphanie Jankowski immediately accepted to take up the challenge and designed the first jewelry collection reflecting our anchor. At the time, brands inspired by the nautical world all seemed identical to me. I wanted to offer something different. From the outset, we established high standards of quality for our collections. We are committed to our partners and manufacturers’ ethics. We enjoy working with suppliers who share our values and materials that have a history. Our aim is to promote French know-how. I cannot conceive this differently. Our raw materials come from France, we use high-quality semi-precious stones and we keep a close eye on innovations contributing to environmental protection. We thus recently discovered fish skin, an eco-friendly leather derived from recycling and widely featured in the Ibaïa collection launched this coming spring. »

« Creation means to me constant renewal »

— Stéphanie Jankowski, designer of the brand

« Creating jewelry has always been for me an obvious choice and I have always been drawn to costume jewelry. Coming from a family of artists, I already used to sell the jewelry I made to my college friends. I ended up taking this hobby very seriously and attended the famous “Ecole Boulle” before taking the plunge. I am fond of timeless jewelry that never goes out of style and stands out. From my point of view, jewelry allows a touch of originality which underlines the personality and is a distinguishing factor. It makes a woman beautiful, remarkable and a man asserted. Danielle and Yves gave me a free hand. They fully trust me and I have great creative freedom. I strove to think outside the box, to create a strong, glamourous and beautiful identity, as elegant as the Spade anchor with its very distinctive design. It is essential for me to conceive jewelry that I would want to wear. And as I would not wear jewelry that can be seen everywhere, I design original and unique pieces. Loving femininity, I enjoy designing sophisticated and elegant nautical jewelry. The sea world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in which my imagination unfolds. I have a natural linking for this mysterious world and its incredible striking colors… Creation means for me constant renewal, a treasure.»